ISI presents its products and solutions at the P-3 Orion IOSC

ISI's team presented on the 24th of October at the Avionics subcommittee its topic titled:
'Transforming legacy maritime platforms to meet tomorrow's mission demands'
The presentation elaborated on the following:
  • Architecture and capabilities of the Maritime Mission Integration and Managements System (M2IMS), which will be integrated in the Hellenic Navy's P3B a/c, thus transforming the platform into the most modern P3 MPA.
  • Solutions for providing legacy platforms and existing systems with valuable additional Mission capabilities through efficient functional upgrades, resulting in:
    • Improved connectivity and interoperability
    • Enhanced decision support through automation
    • Multi Nation Mission Planning and execution.
For more information about the M2IMS product cplease open the M2IMS Brochure
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