ISI at the IndoDefence 2018 expo

When it comes to achieving your Network Centric Warfare goals, how do you ensure you’re on the right track ?

In today’s continuously challenging and complex warfare environments, timely, accurate and secure exchange and dissemination of battlespace information is fundamental to effective Command and Control (C2). It is a key enabler of the ability to control, monitor and evaluate operational activity in all battle environments. The objective is to develop and improve Situational / Awareness (SA) by presenting commanders and effectors with a harmonized Common Operational tactical Picture (COP), Such a task requires fusion of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and raw data at several stages of production. 

The real-time communications architecture to support this activity should have high capacity, security, jam resistance and survivability, coupled with low data latency. There should be seamless connectivity from sensors to weapon systems, overlaid with C2 directives; this will require at the very least compatibility of data transmission media. These factors militate towards digital data exchange formats. Tactical Data Links (TDL) have therefore been designed for use in the exchange of real-time or near real-time tactical information between computerized tactical data systems such as mission systems in aircraft and command systems in ships or in land HQs.

Indo Defence 2018 gives INTEROPERABILITY SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL – ISI the opportunity to showcase its innovative systems and solutions for Interoperability, Tactical Data Links and Command & Control Systems that can effectively support and provide solutions to modern Armed Forces towards achieving their end goal of establishing their Network Centric Warfare capabilities.

ISI is a system integration and software development company founded in 1993 specializing in the specification, design, development, integration, installation, testing and follow-on support of:

• Tactical Data Links

   ° NATO/U.S. Standard (Link1, Link 11, Link 16, JREAP, Link 22)

   ° National and customized solutions according to end user requirements

• Interoperability Solutions

• Real-time Tactical C2/C3 Systems

   ° Mission Systems for Maritime Patrol Aircraft

   ° Air Defence Command & Control Systems

• Training, Testing & Simulation Systems

   ° Surveillance & Reconnaissance applications

Since its foundation ISI has accumulated experience and matured its technology, capabilities and products to a point where today it has become a total solution provider in the areas of its expertise. Its focus and R&D efforts are directed towards enabling its customers to achieve Interoperability, create the Common Operational Picture, improve Situational Awareness and Domain Superiority, thus paving the way towards the realization of their Network Centric Warfare concept of operations.

Having successfully deployed systems and solutions for Land, Air and Naval applications in more than 13 countries worldwide, ISI has become a leader in the areas of its expertise.

You can meet ISI’s team at Indodefence - Stand #DP 035, where they will be showcasing their best-of-breed products and solutions enabling Armed Forces around the world achieving their operational objectives for Interoperability and Network Centric Warfare.


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