Over the past 23 years ISI has accrued a significant amount of experience in the development of turn-key solutions involving a range of systems that include, standard & customized Data Links, Mission and Tactical Command & Control systems, Testing, Training and Simulation tools, available today as off-the-shelf products.

Data Links & Interoperability Solutions

  • Universal Link System – ULS
  • Multi Tactical Data link Planning & Design tools – MTPS & NDT
  • Data Link Simulators & Trainers

Mission and Tactical Command & Control Systems

  • Maritime Mission Integration & Management System for Maritime Patrol Aircraft – M2IMS
  • Air Defence Command & Control System - NARS

Simulation, Training and Testing Systems         

  • Universal Test & Training System – UTTS
  • Mission Trainer for Marine Patrol Aircraft and Airborne Early Warning
  • Embedded Naval trainer
  • Radar Video Simulator
  • Software Support Centre
  • Data Link Simulators and Testing tools

Reconnaissance & Surveillance

  • Portable Reconnaissance Image Screening System – PRISS

The above products play a fundamental role in the rapid development of customer specific systems by allowing customization, integration and interoperability with other systems to be achieved efficiently and with minimal development effort and cost.

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