Interim JTIDS Message Standard (IJMS)

The IJMS Application runs on a Data Link Processor (DLP) that provides interface to a MIDS-LVT (Class 2 Bi-lingual) or a Hughes Improved Terminal (HIT).The single application configuration provides a complete IJMS solution with a robust and proven implementation of the IJMS messages.

This includes the full range of messages required for the exchange of air, surface, and subsurface surveillance information. The data interface used within the DLP is provided via ISIH's proprietary Tactical Information Exchange (TIE) protocol.

The TIE interface can be customized to the individual customer's requirement or an Application Program Interface (API) can be provided to interface directly within the customer's tactical software suite.

Hardware Characteristics:

  • VME based Processor
  • Integral Ethernet
  • VX Works Operating System

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