Link 1

The NATO Link 1 Application runs on a Data Link Processor (DLP) with eight serial ports to facilitate the specific interface requirements to the data modems (if needed) and can drive up to eight Link 1 interfaces simultaneously. The DLP can support additional serial data links (Link 11B or ATDL-1), in which case the number of interfaces for each link is reduced.

The single application configuration provides a complete Link 1 solution with a robust and proven implementation of the Link 1 messages. Link 1 messages are implemented in accordance with STANAG 5501 and the NATO NDGX-101-IS, Link 1 Interface Specification, with the full range of messages required for the exchange of air surveillance information. The data interface used within the Data Link Processor (DLP) is provided via ISIH's proprietary Tactical Information Exchange (TIE) protocol.

The TIE interface can be customized to the individual customer's requirement or an Application Program Interface (API) can be provided to interface directly within the customer's tactical software suite.

Hardware Characteristics

  • VME based Processor
  • Integral Ethernet
  • 8 ASYNC/SYNC RS232/RS422 Ports
  •  VX Works Operating System

Link 1 Features

  • All Link 1 Messages
  • Single Link Application
  • TIE API to External or ISI Fusion Processor
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