Link 16 Interface Data Adaptor – LIDA

The Link 16 Interface Data Adaptor (LIDA) provides any Link 16 Host System with the capability to participate in a Link 16 Network via various types of terminal interfaces.

The Link 16 Host System can interface with LIDA either by:

  • Using STANAG 5602 (SIMPLE) Ethernet Interface or
  • Using the DILOS (Distribution of Information for Link 16 Operational Segments) API (Application Programming Interface)

Via these interfaces, a Link 16 Host System can communicate with a LIDA module, being completely decoupled and regardless of the actual interface to the terminal.

With its unique and advanced design (see the picture below), a LIDA module can easily be customized for any type of Link 16 terminal interface.






  • Easy configuration of the LIDA module
  • Exchange of J-Series messages via STANAG 5602 Interface
  • Exchange of J-Series messages via DILOS API
  • Support Terminal Management and Monitoring
    (via DILOS API or using ISI Hellas's Terminal Control Application)
    including but not limited to:
    • Terminal Setup
    • Terminal Initialization (IDL load)
    • Terminal Control
    • Terminal Status Monitoring
  • MIDS Terminal, Platform Type B
  • MIDS Terminal, Platform Type D
  • MIDS Terminal, Platform Type R
  • MIDS Terminal, Platform Type J
  • MIDS Terminal, Other Platform Types *
  • JREAP, Appendix-A *
  • JREAP, Appendix-B
  • JREAP, Appendix -C
  • SIMPLE - STANAG 5602




  • STANAG 5602 (SIMPLE) Ethernet Interface
  • Or DILOS API (available as a C/C++ Library/DLL or Ada95 Library)





LIDA Solution allowing the C2/C3 System to participate in both a MIDS Network and a JREAP Network via a single SIMPLE STANAG 5602 Interface


The MIDS Terminal and the JREAP-C Parameters are controlled and monitored from the ISI proprietary Terminal Control Application

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