Multi-Tactical Data Link Planning System - MTPS


The task of planning multi-TDL networks for single-service, joint, and coalition operations has always been a complex and time consuming chore that frequently involves trial and error or even guesswork.

The need to compile Information Exchange Requirements (IER), unit capabilities, JTIDS network design requests, frequency clearance restrictions, TDL operating characteristics, as well as geographic and line-of-sight information is a tall order even for experts.

ISI and Network Centric Solutions combined their operational and developmental experience with Tactical Data Links to design and implement the Multi-TDL Planning System (MTPS). The MTPS is a user friendly, operator intuitive system that supports the collaborative planning and execution of Multi-TDL networks to include: Link 11A, Link 11B, Link 16, IJMS, ATDL-1, Link 1, JREAP A, B, and C with future upgrades to Link 22 and VMF.



The MTPS is a Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista application that assists the Tactical Data Link operator(s)/planner(s) by providing the following capabilities:

  • Import NAVSEA Capabilities and Limitations data
  • View, display, maintain and manage a unit capability database
  • View, display, maintain and manage an operational theater related database (operational areas, frequency restrictions, etc)
  • Create, manage and validate data link employment plans
  • Perform collaborative Multi-TDL planning and execution in a networked environment (Master, Slave, Standby Master and Monitor roles)
  • Create multi-TDL briefings for staff personnel
  • Perform Multi-TDL line-of-sight calculations
  • Perform Time Slot Duty Factor calculations
  • View planned multi-TDL architecture plans on enhanced geographic display
  • Create, manage and validate multi-TDL operational plans
  • Monitor in-use operational plans
  • Automatically generate OpTask Link (AdatP-3, USMTF)
  • Import data from OpTask Link and ATO/ACO messages
  • Generate a Network Design Request



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