Network Design Tool - NDT

NDT’s purpose is to assist the Designer of Link 16 Networks to create/maintain a Library of Network Designs and generate validated NETMAN T/1 initialization files.

NDT enables the operator to create a validated Link 16 Network Design in an efficient, user-friendly way, while validating all the parameters for consistency according to Link 16 MIDS terminal specifications. It has the ability to import an XML based Network Design Request, which is created by the Network Design Request Tool (NDRT). NDT automatically interprets every value of the request in order to populate every variable of the connectivity matrix. Operators can then generate network load files, NETMAN T/1 INDE files, or manually modify the Network Design if necessary.

The NETMAN T/1 format allows for distribution and exchange of network designs with other Network Design Facilities, Network Management Agencies and MIDS capable Platforms. The NDT is a configurable, stand-alone and light-weight application.

The Network Design Library maintains a library of Various Network Designs and supports versioning.

The Network Design Tree displays the Network Design structure in a hierarchical view (tree)  which allows for quick navigation to its various components and properties and functions.

The Connectivity Matrix is the main work area for editing the loaded Network Design. It is designed with usability and readability in mind. By clicking on any row/column/cell display the system displays the properties of thecorresponding object.

The Properties Panel allows for viewing/editing of all properties of all objects. It is automatically being refreshed keeping track of the currently selected item.

The system dynamically computes the Time Slot Duty Factor (TSDF) after every single parameter change being made on the Properties panel or Connectivity Matrix. The results (TSDF & Pulses) are being displayed at different levels of granularity (Network Design level, Platform Level, Net Level) on the TSDF Panel.


The Timeline Panel dynamically adjusts after every user input, showing in graphical and colorful way, the Timeslot allocation of each NPG on each Net. Supports Stacked Nets Multi-nets and Overlays.

The Timeslot Allocation Map displays graphically the allocated TS on each Set and Net seperatelly. Floating help (bubble help) shows additional detailed information of slot simpley by hovering the mouse over a cell.

The system supports importing of a standardized (via an XSD) Network Design Request (NDR). The import is able to create an almost complete Network Design without any user input. The Network Design Request Panel displays the contents of the NDR.

For increased readability and customization, the system supports custom Color/Pattern Schemes for each NPG separately.

The System allows the User to export and View (Netman T/1 Panel) the contents of a Network Design in NETMAN/T1 Format.

During the Network Design Validation Process all error are displayed in the Validation Errors Panel. By double-clicking on an Error the system takes automatically to the location/object having the error and at the same time it displays the Object’s Properties for quick editing.

Additionally, NDT can:

  • Read and synchronize with MTPS’s Capability Database for quickly adding Network Participants to NDT.
  • Manage Network Problem Reports related to a specific Network Design
  • Supports Custom layouts Schemes of Panels/Windows
  • Supports and displays various Events & Data Errors in the Event Log Panel
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