ULS - The Multi Tactical Data Link Gateway Engine

The ULS is a versatile, modular, scalable, Data Link Processor(DLP) that can be configured to include all NATO, U.S. Standard Data Links as well as customer-defined Links in any combination required by the end-user. Constitutes a force multiplier offering an increase in the Situational Awareness by delivering the Common Tactical Picture and improving control of all linked Tactical assets.

The Universal Link System (ULS) is a network-centric software solution that enables a seamless, configurable, expandable integration of Data Links on Land, Sea and Air platforms and assets, providing them with participation and forwarding amongst Link 16, Link 11A, Link 11B, Link1, ATDL-1, IJMS, JREAP and Link 22. It can be configured as a single Data Link solution for any C2 or non-C2 asset and expand easily for multiple Data Links connectivity and forwarding, by simply adding the appropriate s/w and h/w components.

The ULS is easily integrated into any existing C2 system by expanding its capabilities in delivering the Common Tactical Picture (CTP). This is achieved by its open architecture and information exchange interfacing protocols. In a stand-alone configuration the ULS provides C2 operational capabilities, such as Data Fusion, Track Management, Correlation/De-correlation, ID/IFF Conflict, Pairing, Filtering, Threat evaluation and more. The ULS is an essential step in achieving Inter-Service interoperability and provides the basis of a truly integrated tactical environment.



  • Connectivity to any type of tactical host (C2, Weapons etc.)
  • Advanced Multi-Link Data Forwarding capabilities amongst all links with user-defined filters (Geographic, Altitude, Positional etc.)
  • Expandable to incorporate customer-defined Data Links
  • Complete and thorough message sets implementation for Link 16,Link 11 A/B, Link 1, TADIL-A, IJMS, and Link 22.
  • C2 Operational capabilities, including Commands & Orders, Weapons Control & Status, ID/IFF Conflict, Pairing, Filtering Threat Evaluation etc.
  • Capable of integrating and processing active and passive sensor inputs (ASTERIX, AIRCAT etc.)
  • Multi-Link Correlation / De-correlation processing
  • Robust and efficient Data Extraction / Reduction functionality
  • Based on COTS equipment keeping physical footprint and costs to a minimum
  • Stand-alone or multi-console configurations with its own interface or integrated into a legacy tactical mission system
  • Field transportable configuration for high mobility small units

User Interface

  • Dual or single display – Graphical C2 Tactical Situation
  • Configurable Track Information Display
  • Enhanced MAP and display filtering options with the capability of displaying maps in multiple formats
  • Intuitive dialogue-driven action initiation
  • Comprehensive Menu sets for managing Data Links and executing C2 functions
  • Web interface to control the Data Links operation

Installations of the ULS exist today in various configurations in Land, Sea and Air assets in a number of countries around the world, providing them with effective Data Link capabilities to share tactical information and improve their Situational Awareness

The ULS is customizable to include and integrate with National and non-standard Data Links, apart from the range of NATO and U.S. standard links

Cost Effective
Cost-effective solution allowing for gradual expansion of capabilities as the operational needs increase

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