Firefinder Classroom Trainer - FCT


The Firefinder Classroom Trainer (FCT) is the first classroom based trainer for the AN/TPQ-36/37 Firefinder Radar that enables the training of up to six operators simultaneously in a classroom environment. The FCT provides the means to effectively train AN/TPQ-36/37 Operators in situations indicative of the operational capabilities of the system without impacting field assets.

The FCT Trainee Stations closely match the operator console of the AN/TPQ-36/37 radar in actual appearance and function. The instructor can run previously prepared training scenarios or can prepare his own new scenarios. Free play is also permitted. Pertinent aspects of the training sessions are recorded and performance statistics are provided for review and analysis by the instructor.

The FCT consists of one (1) Instructor Station (IS) and up to six (6) Trainee Stations (TS) interconnected on a Simulation LAN and is built with COTS  (Commercial-Off-the-Shelf) components.

Instructor Station Features

  • Generate simulation scenarios
  • Activate, control, modify, and interact (online) with the scenarios during the conduct of training sessions
  • Monitor the Trainees (online)
  • Evaluate the performance of the Trainees (offline)

Trainee Station Features

  • Startup & initialize the system

  • Operate in the hostile fire mode and perform the following tasks:

    •     Entering & Storing Meteorological Data

    •     Determining Height Correction

    •     Entering, Recalling, and Deleting Target Locations

    •     Using Location Averaging & Auto Censoring

    •     Entering & Changing Antenna Azimuths

    •     Entering, Storing, Processing, and Deleting Zones

    •     Changing Frequency Limits & Sector Edges

    •     Changing Min & Max Range

    •     Taking Action to Minimize ECM Effect

  • Operate in the friendly fire mode and perform the following tasks:

        Observing Friendly Fire Buffer Data

    •     Setting Friendly Fire Buffers

    •     Printing Buffer Data

    •     Selecting the Friendly Fire Mode

    •     Observing and Acting upon Directive Messages

    •     Orienting Friendly Fire Targets

    •     Selecting the Hostile Fire Mode

    •     Printing Friendly Fire Buffer Parameters

    •     Deleting Friendly Fire Targets

  • Transmit & Receive TACFIRE or other Data Link messages

  • Handle faults & malfunctions

  • Shut the system down

Operator Manual

The FCT Instructor Station is delivered with a User’s Manual on Preparation and execution of scenarios and map creation and loading. The system is delivered with a sample set of training scenarios. The Trainee is able to use the actual AN/TPQ-36/37 Operator Manual.

The Digital Map Kit (DMK)

The DMK option is available for the FCT if desired. The DMK responds and is used on the FCT exactly the same as on the actual AN/TPQ-36/37. The DMK replaces the tape drive for rapid loading and provides accurate Automatic Height Correction (AHC) during operation.




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