Mission Training System - MTS

Mission Training System – MTS provides a realistic simulation and representation of a Tactical System’s Operator workstations. The mission of the MTS is to provide the means to effectively train Mission System Operators at the individual, sub-team, full team and Mission levels in situations indicative of the operational capabilities of the specific Mission System.

The MTS training environment consists of two distinct segments: the Trainee Station and the Instructor Station.

 The Trainee Station provides the Trainees with the Human-Machine Interfaces of the Mission Systems (MS). It consists of multiple operator positions, similar to those on the actual system being simulated. ISI’s engineers design the trainee stations to replicate the actual consoles as close as possible in order to give the trainee the correct ‘look and feel’.

The Instructor Station provides the capability to generate simulation scenarios; activate, control, modify and interact with the scenarios during the conduct of training sessions; monitor the trainees conduct and situation displays through the remote monitors; and replay the training session’s scenarios and human-machine interaction.

It consists of the following components: an Instructor position controlling the scenario (IPSC); an Instructor position controlling the data link simulation (IPDL); multiple intercept Instructor positions controlling the intercept simulation (IPIC); the ESM simulator (ESM SIM); the Radar/IFF simulator (RR/IFF SIM).





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