Radar Video Simulator - RVS


The Radar Video Simulator (RVS) provides the means to simulate the visual and data link performance of a wide variety of rotating antenna radars. The RVS provides either digital or analogue Plan Position Indicator (PPI) video outputs.

Customer defined data channel formats, tracking algorithms, transmitted power, receiver sensitivity, signal processing gain, pulse width, pulse repetition frequency and antenna rotation rate are accommodated in the RVS.

The RVS scenario definition process provides the means to define environmental conditions (rain, clouds, etc.), effects of ECM and ECCM, line-of-sight calculation based on terrain masking, 3-D platform radar cross-section calculation, and platform movement for the period of the scenario.

ISI has produced the RVS for multiple tactical system trainers that require time coordinated presentation of video and digital information from radars. The RVS has been incorporated within those trainers with replications of the radar controls and with interfaces from the actual radar controls.

Typically, an RVS requires parametric adjustments to obtain faithful replication of the real radars display appearance. Such parametric adjustments are accommodated within the RVS but their access is restricted from the normal operator.

The RVS can be provided as an integrated sub-system within a "total trainer" context or as a stand-alone simulator. A Radar Video Simulation Module (RVSM) that converts the digital radar information to analogue PPI signals is available as a stand-alone product.

Radar Simulation Features

  • Line-of-Site Consideration of Terrain and Static Object Masking

  • Video in Digital or Analogue (PPI)

  • Digital Track and Plot Interfaces

  • Variable PW, PRF, and Antenna RPM

  • Integrated IFF Interrogation Simulation

  • Simulation of Track Extractors and Tracking Algorithms

  • Simulation of ECM and ECCM Performance

  • React to Radar Control of Modes and Feature Selection

  • EMCON and/or Special Modes for Pre-defined Sectors


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